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Indian Insurance Industry is growing very fast because of faster economic growth of our country transforming   into increase in per capita income and thereby growing middle class, growing awareness of insurance, innovate products and massive distribution channels. With the growth of industry more manpower is being deployed by the players. Insurance requires special skills of management and therefore demand for those equipped with professional knowledge and skills of insurance has been increasing and will continue to increase in coming 20 years. The demand is particularly high in core operation areas such as insurance underwriting, which involves complex tasks like market risk assessment, pricing, insurance product development, risk inspection, insurance marketing, and claims settlement. Industry-specific academic programmes designed to cater to the needs of the industry shall, therefore, reap bright prospects.

Ours are
 world-class postgraduate programmes and we 
are committed to cater to the professional education of students meeting the high standards of human resource requirements of the insurance industry. More so we have drawn our curriculum in consultation with stall words of the industry who really know the requirement of the industry. Resultant we have full support of the industry in the process of placement of our students.